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Secure channel for managing subject access requests now open

eTaika, a software company from Vantaa that has been in operation since 2004, has opened an entirely new kind of web-based service named Tietosi.fi (Yourdata.fi).

Tietosi.fi provides companies, organisations and public sector operators with an easy and secure channel for managing any subject access requests that the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) induces.

The service helps organisations take care of their subject access requests in an economical, efficient and reliable way. At the same time, it helps them stand out as dependable and service-oriented organisations.

The high level of security in the service is based on a software solution that has patent pending. It also utilises the well-known and strong bank authentication and mobile ID methods.

Tietosi.fi saves you money: directing all you subject access requests to one channel and to be handled by one person makes the managing process more effective and uses fewer resources. It also becomes more systematic and productive.

The Tietosi.fi service is instantly operational and requires no data integration or additional projects.