Mies käyttää laptop-koneella Tietosi.fi -palvelua
Mies käyttää laptop-koneella Tietosi.fi -palvelua


Secure and efficient subject access request management

Have you thought about how to handle incoming GDPR subject access requests and related data transfers efficiently even when their number is higher than expected?

Tietosi.fi provides you with a secure, easy and economical way to manage subject access requests.


Key features of the service

Instantly operational

The use of Tietosi.fi service does not require separate IT projects or integration into organisation data systems.

Centralised subject access requests

Organisations can manage subject access requests in one channel and by one person.


Only a person whose identity is securely authenticated can use the service.

Encrypted messaging

Subject access requests and the transferred data are encrypted strongly so that not even the service provider can access their content.


Data files are uploaded to the service from own computer and downloaded just as easily.


Service pricing is based on the number of requests that are handled. It is easy to upsize and downsize service as needs change.


Easy and convenient

Tietosi.fi allows you to take care of subject access requests easily and minimises effort and cost. They can be handled in one channel and by one person, which makes request management organised and efficient.
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Using Tietosi.fi service signals your clients that you take data security seriously, handle it responsibly and that the rights of your clients are important to you.


Secure and reliable

The service user is typically identified with a mobile ID or bank authentication and all data is transferred via a high security channel. Did you know that email and uncertified mail are not always considered safe transmission channels for personal data?


Economical and operational solution

You can start using the service right away by registering and choosing the credit pack that serves your need best. Pricing is based on the amount of requests that are handled - 99 € will allow you to process 10 requests. You can easily buy more credit as your needs change.
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EU GRPD ready

Tietosi.fi complies with the GDPR and allows you to respond to all regular subject access requests. Managing your obligations properly and in time helps you avoid reclamations from your clients, clarification requests from the authorities and more serious consequences.



Supports positive image

Stand out for your benefit. Taking care of your subject access requests promptly and securely improves your reputation as a reliable organisation that serves its customers well both your clients and business partners.
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